how far along in my pregnancy am i according to inches?

im measuring 36 inches so how many weeks should i be technically?
im being measured from pubic bone to fundus
sorry cm’s ahh, lol.. im 33 weeks but going by my period and not first sono im 35 weeks, i was just wondering because people tell me all the time that im not going to make it to my due date. *aug 14th, and i feel like the baby’s going to come sooner then the 14th as well

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  1. Cynthia G Says:

    4 to 6 months I think. I don’t know

  2. Got curves? Says:

    It depends if you’re measuring up and down( from pubic bone to fundus), you would be around 36 wks pregnant.

    How many weeks are you?

  3. see_info Says:

    measuring the fundal height involves the woman lying down (it is not meant to be done with the woman in a standing or sitting position) and her caregiver placing the end of the measuring tape on her symphysis pubis bone.

    The symphysis pubis bone is situated just below the pubic hair line in the middle. The length of tape is then positioned up the middle of the woman’s belly with the measurement taken from where the tape reaches the top of her uterus (or ‘fundus’), giving a fundal height in centimetres (cms).

    Fundal height measurements are designed to measure babies who are lying in a head down position. A baby in a breech position may measure higher and a baby in a transverse position (lying across ways) or oblique position (lying diagonally) will measure significantly lower.

    Roughly 36 cm = 36 weeks

  4. crybaby31313 Says:

    well if you are measuring around your waist, then it means nothing. ifyou are measuring height of fondus, then it should be measured in cm. 36 inches isnt possible. if it is 36 cm, it means 36 weeks.

  5. T Baby Says:

    Sounds like 36 weeks, I am 39 inches and 39 weeks preganant.

  6. alimagmel Says:

    Probably around 36 weeks. But your doctor can tell you.

  7. SydneyMum101 Says:

    After about 32 weeks fundal height isn’t a reliable indicator. This is because fetuses can start to be different sizes at this time and still be normal and healthy.

    Earlier in the pregancy measurements are pretty much standard for most women, but as time goes on things can change – consider newborns that can range from 5 to 10lbs and still be absolutely normal – the mother carrying the 5lb babe and the mother carrying the 10lb babe would look and feel very different.

    Fundal height is only a rough estimate anyway, checking for fundal height is just a good indicator that the pregnancy is progressing well, if the measurements progress logically.

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